CHASING F1 underwater drone


CHASING F1 is a hi-tech digital full HD fish wireless finder drone for all types of fishing. F1 can be mounted bait boat, sonar or other mounts, supporting cruise between fishing spots, live broadcast, etc. The camera detector can dive 28 meters and the battery can be replaced.

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CHASING M2 underwater drone


CHASING M2 is a professional underwater ROV/Drone designed for professional users and industrial applications. The maximum depth is 100 meters. 8 Vectored Thrusters layout which allows OMNI movement in all directions. Compatible with sophisticated attachments such as Robot Claw, GoPro camera, external LED lights and laser scaler etc and the battery is swappable.

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CHASING DORY underwater drone


Imagine holding the ocean in the palm of your hand. This is the idea behind CHASING DORY, the world's smallest underwater drone. With a 15M wired tether between the drone and the buoy, there is plenty of room to explore any underwater world.

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GLADIUS MINI underwater drone


Meet the world’s first 5-thruster mini-size underwater drone with Intelligent Control algorithms for fluid navigation. Record 4K UHD video and take 12 MP photos from 330-foot depths, at speeds up to 4 knots!

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