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  • CHASING-INNOVATION Won Multiple Awards at International Exhibition

    CHASING-INNOVATION presented industry-level ROVs , and consumer-grade drones at the two exhibitions.

    2022-11-29 18:00 CHASING
  • CHASING F1 Pro, an Intelligent Fishing Partner to Unlock New Fishing Experience

    CHASING-INNOVATION, the world's leading drone enterprise, recently launches an "intelligent fishing partner" - CHASING F1 Pro fish finder drone.

    2022-11-17 09:00 CHASING
  • Who is the Next “DJI”? CHASING-INNOVATION Targets the Blue Ocean Market of the Civilian ROV

    DJI came out top in the intense competition broke out in the civilian drone market in 2016, and then who will be the next DJI in the blue ocean market of the remotely operated vehicle which was developed late.

    2022-09-15 12:00 21st Century Business Herald
  • CHASING Releases Its First Generation of Underwater Cleaning Robot – CHASING CM600 Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Chasing-Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. , the world-leading consumer-grade and industrial-grade ROV developer and manufacturer, release its 1st generation of underwater cleaning robot, "CHASING CM600 Robotic Pool Cleaner" , on July 25 2022.

    2022-07-25 16:30 CHASING
  • Better than Ever: CHASING's New Generation of Industrial-Grade Underwater Drone M2 PRO MAX Gets Easier-to-use, More Capabilities and Powerful Performance

    Chasing-Innovation Technology, a world-leading developer and manufacturer of unmanned underwater vehicles and ROVs, releases its latest intelligent flagship underwater robot product at East Asia Marine Expo 2022 on June 21.

    2022-06-21 20:40 CHASING
  • CHASING M2 ROV won iF and Red Dot Design Award in Germany

    CHASING M2 ROV won the German iF and Red Dot Design Award, proving the design and quality of M2 ROV with strength, and promoting the development of CHASING underwater drone business faster and better.

    2022-04-25 21:16 CHASING
  • CHASING Presents All Underwater Drones at CES 2022: Making Underwater Explorations Easier for Consumers and Enterprises

    In 2022, CHASING returns to CES with an entire collection of CHASING drones.

    2022-01-07 20:55 CHASING
  • GLADIUS MINI S, an All-In-One Submersible Drone for Exploring the Magnificent Underwater World

    CHASING, the global leader in submersible drones, has released the new GLADIUS MINI S underwater drone on May 27, 2021.

    2021-05-27 21:05 CHASING
  • Aquatic Drone Drops Its Camera to Look for Fish

    Chasing Innovation released a new underwater drone for fishing enthusiasts, the users can then see what the camera sees – possibly including the sought-after fish.

    2020-08-25 21:32 NEW ATLAS
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