About Us

Company Profile

Chasing-Innovation Technology Co., LTD is a world-leading company in R&D, production and sales of consumer-grade underwater drones, industrial-grade underwater robots and portable smart unmanned equipment. Chasing-Innovation is a national high-tech enterprise.

Founded in April 2016, Chasing is headquartered in Shenzhen, with domestic offices or subsidiaries in Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming and Qingdao, and a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States. Chasing has 300 employees, including over 80 R&D personnel. The core team is from Huawei, BYD, CSIC, LG, Foxconn and other international first-class enterprises, and has reached the top level in the underwater field and many other technical domains. The R&D team has solid ability in underwater communication, general design of underwater vehicles, electric power and propulsion systems, navigation control, etc, and has reached the international first-class level in many technical fields. Until now, Chasing has obtained more than 100 invention patents and won over 100 kinds of awards at all levels in multiple countries.

Chasing has produced 7 generations of products which are characterized by low cost, high performance, easy operation and outstanding portability. They are widely used in underwater observation and photography, fishery and aquaculture, underwater emergency rescue, hull inspection, scientific research and exploration, environmental protection detection, water conservancy and hydropower. CHASING products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Chasing's vision is “Explore the Unexplored” and evoke the human spirit of exploration. Whether it's consumers discovering unimaginable underwater worlds, or industry experts finding new solutions to old problems - Chasing offers an exploratory spirit and solutions that drive people to desire more for their lives, to push boundaries, to discover the undiscovered, to constantly innovate and improve, and explore the unexplored.

Our Mission

Making underwater exploration easier.

Our Vision

To provide the smartest underwater products and deliver the greatest customer services.

Our Core Values

Customer focused, dedicated to succeed, be proactive, continuallmprovement and commitment to excellence.


  • In May CHASING M2 PRO MAX, the more professional, powerful and easy-to-use ROV,was officially launched globally.
  • In April CHASING M2 won the iF Design Award.
  • In April CHASING M2 won the 2022 red dot design award in Germany.