About Us

Company Profile

Chasing-Innovation Technology Co., LTD is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of unmanned underwater vehicles and micro-ROVs . It has also developed and released smart pool robotic cleaner product. CHASING focuses on R&D, production and global sales of consumer-grade underwater drones, light industrial-grade, professional-grade underwater micro-ROVs and portable smart unmanned equipment. It owns two manufacturing bases, one in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, and the other in Kunming, Yunnan province. The Ganzhou base is the world's largest portable underwater products manufacturing base, supported by unparalleled supply chain.

CHASING was founded by a group of passionate diving enthusiasts and hardware & software professionals in 2016. Within the first 6 years, it has developed 7 generations of products, completed 5 rounds of financing. Currently, it has been recognized as a leader in the underwater technology industry.

Up till now, CHASING has won more than 50 awards at all levels within and outside China. Because of low cost, high performance, easiness to operate, outstanding portability and other characteristics, CHASING-developed products have been widely applied in underwater observation and photography, aquaculture, underwater defense & rescue, hull inspection, scientific exploration, environmental protection testing, water conservancy and hydro-power. Every day CHASING products are delivered to a wide range of organizations in over 80 countries. CHASING is headquartered in Shenzhen, with domestic offices or subsidiaries in Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming, Ganzhou, Qingdao, Hainan, and Seattle, USA. Its R&D team is strong and has reached international top level in many technical fields such as underwater communication, general design of underwater vehicle, electric power and propulsion system, navigation control, etc.

CHASING strives to design the most reliable, innovative, portable and affordable inspection-class and work-class micro-ROVs. It promises to provide the best user experience with all kinds of its submersible robots.

Together with CHASING, you will be able to explore the unexplored.

Our Mission

Making underwater exploration easier.

Our Vision

To provide the smartest underwater products and deliver the greatest customer services.

Our Core Values

Customer focused, dedicated to succeed, be proactive, continuallmprovement and commitment to excellence.


  • In May CHASING M2 PRO MAX, the more professional, powerful and easy-to-use ROV,was officially launched globally.
  • In April CHASING M2 won the iF Design Award.
  • In April CHASING M2 won the 2022 red dot design award in Germany.