Emergency Rescue

Underwater drones can improve the timeliness, mobility, and capability of underwater rescue, offering broad applicability and high rescue efficiency.

How can underwater drones empower emergency rescue?

  • Fast response

    Simple and convenient. A single person can quickly complete the deployment and start the underwater rescue.

  • Wide search range

    Maximum working radius up to 400 meters, regardless of deep water,dark night, or complex waters.

  • High efficiency

    Mounted with an imaging sonar, which can narrow the search range and enhance rescue efficiency.

  • Replace divers

    Replaces divers to search for target objects, greatly reducing the divers' diving frequency and improving rescue safety.

  • Work all day

    Equipped with a spare battery pack or powered by AC power,underwater drones can work continuously for a long time.

Application scenarios

  • Find target objects quickly

    ROV has a wide usage range, high efficiency and fast search speed. Unrestricted by complex waters such as vertical and horizontal branches, narrowness, and culverts, it can quickly find the target object.

  • Complete the search in waters with very low visibility

    In muddy water with extremely low visibility, the target object can also be detected by the mounted image sonar.

  • Pinpoint the location of the target

    With the USBL underwater positioning system, you can plan and record the search path, reduce repeated searches, and locate the target position more accurately and efficiently.

  • Salvage assistance

    Equipped with a grabber arm, which can salvage small items independently.

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