Underwater drones can perform underwater tasks in place of frogmen, which reduces costs, increases efficiency, and ensures operation safety.

How can underwater drones empower aquaculturists?

  • Low cost

    Low unit cost, easy to operate, and single-person operation allowable.

  • High efficiency

    Check and monitor water quality anytime and anywhere. Mounted with a distance lock sonar, the ROV can patrol automatically and operate efficiently.

  • Work all day

    Equipped with a spare battery pack or powered by AC power, underwater drones can work continuously for a long time.

Application scenarios

  • Check of the safety condition of devices and facilities

    Assists in checking cages, pipelines, fences, and other devices and facilities for any biofouling and breakage.

  • Observation of the growth of aquatic products

    Observes the aquatic products breeding (such as fish condition and feeding situation) anytime and anywhere to find out the problems in time.

  • Execution of underwater tasks

    Executes underwater salvage, sampling, attachment removal, and other underwater tasks.

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