Inspection of Laxiwa Hydropower Station

In order to understand the erosion situation of the water cushion pond after long-term flood discharge, check the surface repair area of the water cushion pond, and search for potential safety hazards, M2 was used to conduct surface inspection of the underwater part of the water cushion pond.


Reduce the Risk of Artificial Diving and Save the Cost

CHASING's ROV can replace the patrol operation of 100 meters, which reduces the risk of artificial diving and greatly saves the cost of diving.

Complete the Inspection Needs Anytime and Anywhere

The inspection range of M2 can reach 200 meters, and the battery can be changed to expand the working time wirelessly, so as to meet the needs of daily safety inspection anytime and anywhere, and help to develop and eliminate safety risks quickly.

Multi-angle Real-time Back HD Video

M2 has eight thrusters that resist the flow of water in all directions, keeping the machine stable underwater. It can also capture underwater images from multiple perspectives and send back 4K high-definition underwater images in real time, allowing you to clearly observe underwater conditions.

Solve the Problem of Small Space Inspection

The small fuselage of M2 can easily enter narrow space to complete inspection. And it has 4, 000 lumen supplementary light which can see in high definition even in the dark environments.

  • OMNI Movement

  • Swappable Battery

  • 4K UHD EIS Camera

  • 2*2000 LED Lights

  • 200 Meters Inspection Radius

  • More Stable with 8 Thrusters

  • Flexible and Precise Control

  • Compact and Portable Body


CHASING M2 Industrial Case Studies for Water Conservancy Project

CHASING M2 ROV successfully completed the inspection of Laxiwa Hydropower Station and found potential safety hazards.