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CHASING M2 ROV won iF and Red Dot Design Award in Germany

2022-04-25 21:16 CHASING

The winners of the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award, known as the "Oscars" in the international design industry, were announced recently. With outstanding design, CHASING M2 ROV through several rounds of strict selection in numerous works stand out, won the German the iF and the red dot design award, its leading products force and innovation force of underwater drone industry are evident.

Germany iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award, known as the "Oscar" of the industrial design industry, represents the high standard of the industry, leading the future development of the industry. As a globally recognized international award in recognition of excellent design, winning the award means that the design quality has been recognized and recognized worldwide. CHASING M2 ROV stood out from more than 20,000 design works from nearly 70 countries and won the 2022 German iF and Red Dot Design Award, which shows its leading strength.

M2 ROV, which won this award, breaks the inherent thinking and practice of traditional underwater drones, and combines market demand, user experience and aesthetic perception to make M2 possess outstanding industrial design. CHASING M2 ROV will be on display at the Red Dot Museum in Germany for one year from June 2022.

CHASING M2 ROV is an industry-level underwater drone. 8 Propeller full vector layout, the deepest diving depth of 100 meters, can achieve 360 degrees of omnidirectional movement. Compared with existing underwater ROVs on the market, the open design makes M2 ROV a powerful underwater operation machine, supporting a variety of accessories, such as GO PRO, Grabber Arm, LED Video Light, Laser Scaler, etc. Built-in 4K UHD EIS Camera, 4000 lumen LED light, aluminum alloy compact body (weight less than 5KG), portable, quick setting and swappable battery, removable SD Card, equipped with a new professional remote control handle and E-Reel. To the greatest extent, it can meet the application requirements of multiple professional scenes such as underwater live photography, emergency rescue, hull detection, fishery breeding, scientific research and environmental protection.

CHASING M2 ROV won the 2022 German iF and Red Dot Design Award, which is the result of the joint efforts of CHASING- innovation team. CHASING-innovation will continue to accelerate the development of underwater drone innovation, and introduce more stable, more reliable, easier to use and more intelligent products. With a more complete product matrix and stronger product strength, it provides more possibilities for underwater application scenarios and makes underwater exploration easier.

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