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GLADIUS MINI S, an All-In-One Submersible Drone for Exploring the Magnificent Underwater World

2021-05-27 21:05 CHASING

Every time you enter the deep blue underwater world you will be amazed. One second you’re seeing the glow of a translucent jellyfish swimming about, the next you’re seeing the magnificent colors of a coral reef and the fish calling it home. The wonders and unique charms of the underwater world provide an amazing experience to explore.

May 27, 2021 – CHASING, the global leader in submersible drones and creating small ROV technology, today sets a new benchmark for consumer-grade performance, imagery and the ability to mount more accessories with the new GLADIUS MINI S. This portable camera drone is an all-in-one solution, offering excellent performance, state-of-the-art consumer underwater drone upgrades and high-grade content creation tools.

As the classic sequel to the GLADIUS MINI, the GLADIUS MINI S continues to live up to the vision and mission of making it easier for more people to experience the fun of underwater drones. It has evolved in seven aspects, including awesome accessories, increased battery capacity, activity range, anti-stuck propellers, increased camera quality, an onboard memory card and the ability to directly connected to the remote control, all with the mission to improve product performance and optimize the operating experience. The powerful features of the GLADIUS MINI S can help more people enter the underwater world to explore, discover and imagine what lies beneath in the deep blue.

Shooting is more spontaneous, exploration becomes much easier. GLADIUS MINI S is a very friendly submersible drone for both experienced underwater exploration enthusiasts and beginners. Whether you are dealing with underwater travel photography, underwater life recording, or underwater multi-scene exploration, the GLADIUS MINI S will be your most reliable underwater shooting partner.

With the ability to mount accessories, you get more excitement. The GLADIUS MINI S is a consumer-grade underwater drone that can be used for underwater photography, exploration, inspection and other scenarios. The new accessory mount function allows you to pick up objects and capture underwater sample materials by mounting the robotic grabber. It can also be equipped with a motion camera to capture underwater images in multiple positions at the same time, making it even more useful.

The GLADIUS MINI S has a battery capacity of 4800mAh*2 allowing for nearly 4-hours operating time. The GLADIUS MINI S has a maximum speed of nearly 4 knots, a maximum dive depth of 100 meters, and a maximum horizontal radius of 200 meters. It can achieve a wide range of activities. Adopting CHASING's own patented anti-stuck motor technology, it effectively makes it possible to reduce the probability of the motor getting stuck in sand, and it can be used safely in complex underwater environment.

The GLADIUS MINI S has a built-in 4K/12 megapixel EIS anti-shake camera, which uses image stabilisation technology to eliminate the image shake during underwater motion, making the image clearer and the image texture stronger. It is compatible with 64G Micro SD memory card, making the downloading of images even more convenient. With professional direct wired remote control, stable work a continuous connection is ensured. The drone supports live broadcasting, social media sharing, time-lapse photography, slow motion, quick editing of recorded images and videos, HDMI output, altogether greatly improving the user experience. It has many other wonderful features such as compact body, weighing less than 3KG. Also, now available with an optional electric winding reel for the tether. It is easy to carry, quick to deploy and fast to operate.

In the past 5 years great effort has gone into developing the underwater drone industry, and CHASING INNOVATION has been gaining real feedback from users through in-depth dialogue and comprehensive interaction. At the same time, CHASING INNOVATION focuses on user needs, actively carries out hardware and software iterations, constantly innovates and enriches the underwater drone product family, introduces products that live up to user expectations, empowers users with product innovation strength, upgrades the underwater exploration experience, and makes underwater exploration easier.

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