Water Conservancy and Hydropower

Underwater drones can inspect ports, dams, pipelines, and other underwater buildings, providing reliable videos and images for risk assessment and repair plans to guarantee the safety of underwater infrastructure.

How can underwater drones empower water conservancy and hydropower?

  • Rapid feedback on infrastructure status

    Returns the status of the underwater infrastructure in real time to check for cracks, leakages, erosion and siltation, and environmental data.

  • Low inspection costs and high efficiency

    Supports single-person inspection and recording, which is easy to operate and high-efficiency.

  • Wide working range

    Dives to a maximum depth of 200 meters, regardless of deep water, small spaces, or complex waters.

  • Security guarantee

    Assists in developing more rational maintenance plans to safeguard underwater infrastructure and divers.

  • Work all day

    Equipped with a spare battery pack or powered by AC power, underwater drones can work continuously for a long time.

Application scenarios

  • Inspection in small, enclosed spaces

    Underwater drones can inspect in small and enclosed spaces without fear of operating risks due to undercurrents, reefs, and poor visibility under water.

  • Crack measurement

    Estimates the crack length quickly with the laser scaler for developing repair plans.

  • Complete the inspection in water with very low visibility

    In muddy water with extremely low visibility, imaging sonar can still generate inspection images.

  • Assisting in the development of maintenance plans

    Records cracks, leakages, erosion, and siltation to assist in developing rational cleaning and repair plans.

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