Inspection of Cracks in Dam Body of a Reservoir in North America

2021-03-17 15:00 Ivan Xie

Case Background:

A large reservoir in North America needs to perform routine inspection and maintenance on the arc dam to prevent cracks in a certain part.

The seepage water will pass through these cracks, aggravate the leakage and erode the soil quality of the dam. When voids are formed, it would cause the collapse of the reservoir and the concentration of seepage points. Reservoir personnel completes the dam inspection with CHASING M2.

Business Pain Points:

1. Due to the differences of gravity, the arc dam and dam base has uneven settlements which could easily cause the inconspicuous cracks. With great detriment, these kind of cracks are big potential risk inside of the dam. We can only know this risk by the analysis and calculation of long-term observation data of dam deformation or by the observation of the leakage amount and turbidity of the dam during the storage period.

2. Most of the cracks of the sluice are live cracks - the depth and width of the crack will change with the change of the external environment, like cracks caused by temperature or uneven settlement. Inspection must be done frequently in order to lower the risk.

Solutions & Advantages:

  • 1. Designed for light-duty business, Chasing M2 has 8 Vectored-Thrusters Layout, OMNI movement, achieving all-round anti-flow performance. It basically meets all requirements of various types of dam inspections
  • 2. CHASING M2 offers a built in 4K/ 1080p and 12 megapixel EIS image stabilization camera, 4000 lumen LED lights, could shoot clearly in dark environment under water.
  • 3. Equipped with depth and temperature sensors, Chasing M2 accurately records the status of dam, accumulate data of arc dam for analysis, and provide effective references.
  • 4. Compatible with sophisticated attachments such as Robot Claw, GoPro camera, external LED lights and laser scaler etc. Robot claw could also hold radioactive tracer or colored strips to detect the structural tracks in the dark parts of the dam that are not easy to be detected.

Client Value:

  • 1. The efficiency of traditional underwater inspection is low, and there are many uncertainties. Doing inspection with Chasing M2 could greatly lower the risk of inspection and improves efficiency.
  • 2. Various attachments of Chasing M2 could achieve the goal of long-term observation inspection, which saves a lot of cost.

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