CHASING M2 PRO ROV | Light Industrial-Grade Underwater Drone for Professional Scenario

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  • Stronger Power, 3 Knots Speed
  • Up to 5 Hours of Battery Life
  • Unlimited Battery Life with AC Power
  • More Advanced Exclusive Accessories
  • Depth Rating 490ft / 150m
  • 4K UHD EIS Camera
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200m Package

Including ROV, remote controller, 300Wh battery, 128G storage, carrying case, 200m tether and Reel

Add On Accessories:
Circular Claw for Grabber Arm 2
US $299.00
CHASING Floodlight 2
US $499.00
Sediment Sampler for Grabber Arm 2
US $399.00
US $699.00
US $999.00
Gemini Sonar Kit
US $1499.00
US $499.00
300m Tether
US $599.00
400m Tether
US $799.00
CHASING REEL 300M (300m tether included)
US $999.00
CHASING REEL 400M (400m tether included)
US $1199.00
200-240 V Step Up Voltage Converter
US $199.00
Chasing 700Wh Spare Battery
US $2199.00

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