Light Industrial Grade Underwater ROV

Omni Movement & Sophisticated Attachments

Pre-sale starting May 2020

Powerful Functions and Configuration

8 Vectored-Thrusters Layout, OMN movement

Swappable Battery

3 Knots Speed, 100 Meters Depth Rating, 200 Meters Radius

4K+EIS Image, Stabilization

Sophisticated Attachments

Anti-Stuck Motor

Removable SD Memory Card, Download Anytime and Anywhere

Precision Hovering Operation

User Friendly Interaction

  • Live broadcast
  • Social media sharing
  • HDMI output
  • Time-reducing photography
  • Taking photos while recording video
  • Quick editing features

Suitable for Multi-industry Underwater Operations

  • Aquaculture Inspection

  • Underwater Search and Rescue

  • Scientific Exploration

  • Underwater Photography

  • Hull&Dock Inspection