Water Environment Protection

Underwater drones assist in watershed protection and management and contribute to the conservation of water resources and biodiversity.

How can underwater drones empower environmental protection?

  • Easy to carry

    Compact and easy to carry.

  • High efficiency

    Salvages and samples at the shore, improving operation efficiency.

  • Work all day

    Equipped with a spare battery pack or powered by AC power, underwater drones can work continuously for a long time.

Application scenarios

  • Fixed depth sampling

    Underwater drones can display the diving depth in real time within a diameter of 400 meters and a depth of 200 meters to quickly sample at a fixed depth.

  • Underwater salvage

    Salvages harmful underwater objects easily with a grabber arm.

  • Assisting in watershed governance

    Records water quality changes with a water quality sampler and a water quality sensor and assists in watershed governance by identifying changes in water quality through comparison.

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