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An illusionist, escape artist and free diver from Norway.

The Gladius Mini is my favourite underwater drone. The easiest to use drone I have tried.

tupian YouTube(Norway) - Christian Wedoy
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Show the sea fishing life and record the perfect fishing moment.

Thanks to CHASING, I could see the underwater world without going into the water and record my fishing time!

tupian YouTube(Korea) - 다잡을꼬니
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Well-known travel bloggers, travel players, 2017V influence summit, the most popular tourist Vtop10 microblogging vlog blogger

The GLADIUS MINI is a great invention, and even changed the way it travels.

tupian 新浪微博(中国) - 陈建Sir
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Well-known travel bloggers, food videos from the media

Thanks to the special experience brought by GLADIUS MINI, you can see the world in different perspectives.

tupian 新浪微博(中国) - 叶大喵
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