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CHASING INNOVATION is a company that is very serious about making underwater drones.

tupian 新浪微博(中国) - 习小远的视界
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Nomadic photographer, without a house to live in, and explore the whole world with camera.

I'm in love with the CHASING GLADIUS MINI, it's a must when you wanna do subaquatic shots, up to 100m! Looking forward to more holidays in the see to play with it!

tupian YouTube(Spain) - Kike Arnaiz
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Dedicated to shooting drones and related types of video channels.

It's my first experience with a ROV and I absolutely love it ! Underwater exploration with the Gladius Mini is so easy and interesting that I can only recommend.

tupian YouTube(France) - Drone My Life
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Show the wonderful underwater world to all audiences who love fishing and underwater photography, and use high-quality intelligent equipment to assist shooting.

I'm an underwater filming specialist from Ireland and I'm always looking for the possibility to enhance my filming abilities. So I've got Gladius Mini which straight away became a valuable and exceptional addition to my equipment because of it's versatility and uniqueness.

tupian YouTube(Ireland) - Underwater Ireland / Подводная Ирландия
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Traveler, Wuzhou Gallery signing photographer, smart traveler, Weibo vlog blogger

GLADIUS MINI is really awesome, different gameplay, different vision, this is the ideal way to travel.

tupian 新浪微博(中国) - 背包客nic
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The channel provides high quality review, analysis and comparison of high-tech products popular in the market, such as drones and action cameras.

The Gladius Mini is an efficient, robust and enjoyable underwater drone to use. You can tell that a lot of love and time has gone into making this product top notch!

tupian YouTube(Australia) - DansTube.TV
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Human geography photographer

Wuhu is my mother lake and I saw her real look with the GLADIUS MINI.

tupian 新浪微博(中国) - 阿卓志鸿
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Thirteen years of professional photography, top ten professional photographers in Sichuan Province, members of the Sppa Professional Photographers Association, travel underwater photography

Bringing the GLADIUS MINI to the island is another great experience besides diving.

tupian 抖音(中国) - 百目映像-周毅
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Travel around the world with a camera and discover different cultures and lifestyles.

Gladius Mini has allowed me to explore deeper into my curiosity for the beauty of the ocean.

tupian YouTube(Australia) - William Wei
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