Repair Tool Introduction

Download Here:

This is a downloadable software tool that can check and repair the GLADIUS MINI disk. 

It is available for Windows and Mac:


l Check

l Fix

l Format

l Report

When to Use:

1) If WiFi is connected but app can't push Start button.
(says "cannot connect to machine camera")

       Note: In this case, if you still can get into the APP, please clear disk data first.

2) If SD card displays full even though drone has only recorded a couple of minutes.

3) If you click the Media button after photo/video capture and SD card displays empty.

Repair Steps

1) Download the Tool and Unzip it on your Windows or Mac device

2) Go to Wi-Fi settings on your Windows or Mac device and select Gladius Wi-Fi(2.4G or 5G)

3) Double click the GladiusDiskCheck to open it and click Connect button.

4) Select fix button->OK, waiting to fix.5If your Gladius have 2 disk: System and Media, you just need to fix the Media disk.

5) If your Gladius has 2 disksSystem and Media, you just need to fix the Media disk.

6) If your Gladius has 3 disksSystemSoftware and Media, you need to fix the Software and Media disk at the same time.

7) After fix, restart the Buoy/Base Station and reconnect the Wi-Fi.

8) Access with your Windows or Mac browser.
      You will see the videos/photos you have captured.

Note: But you still cannot see these files on the APP.

9) Left click the videos/photos to download them.

10) If you want to preview the videos/photos online, right-click the file and select ‘Copy link address, paste the link in a new browser window and delete the /download (Such as

11) After you download the files that you want to save, you can format the disk.

If the problem is still not solved, please click the send report to Gladius Support Department , input your Email and then select Send button.

Note:  you may need to connect your home Wi-Fi to send this E-mail successfully.