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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get CI Credits?

You can get CI Credits by placing an order at the Chasing site.


How to use CI Credits?

In the payment process of Chasing site, you can use CI Credits to deduct the order amount.


Can I get CI Credits if I purchase a product using coupons or CI Credits?

No, CI Credits is subject to the final payment of the order amount.


If the order is cancelled, can I still get CI Credits?

CI Credits obtained from refunded orders will become invalid. If the CI Credits is added to your account, the system will automatically deduct the amount from your account.


If I use CI Credits to place an order and then cancel it, can I get a refund of my CI Credits?

If an order uses CI Credits and then is cancelled, the CI Credits will be refunded to your account.


Can I use my CI Credits in other countries?

The CI currency is bound to the account and currency, and it can be used as long as the currency is the same.