Cost-effective consumer underwater drone

Mar 07, 2022 by CHASING

Cost-effective consumer underwater drone

We launched three consumer underwater drones, which are called GLADIUS MINI S, GLADIUS MINI, CHASING DORY. What is going to be introduced here is GLADIUS MINI. 


It is a popular product of CHASING, which is the world’s first five-drive micro-submersible UAV, with 4K ultra HD camera and can dive more than 100 meters deep. I’m sure that you are absolutely amused by its perfect appearance, such as compact size, advanced color matching, imitation submarine fuselage, etc. The exterior was inspired by nature: the streamlined design was inspired by the sea life, gill shape drainage, small resistance, unparalleled stability! 

Of course, it’s not persuasive to just judge it from the outside, let me tell you the unique and significant superiorities belonging to it:

First, its structural design of five thrusters makes underwater photography more stable and operation more convenient. Second, based on the previous generation of products, GLADIUS MINI is added depth setting mode and ±45% adjustable tilt mode. The game-like control can let you navigate freely and hover at any depth, which helps you accurately find and capture the picture you want. Third, it has one-click media sharing function, so that you can share your diving adventures online in real time and livestream to social media easily. It could be your family, friends, outdoor travel partner. And fourth, its function of submersible lighting can bring you higher resolution videos when you shoot underwater, so that you can witness the natural effects. What’s more, it’s really convenient to carry. The knapsack of GLADIUS MINI can pack all your travel supplies easily, which makes travel more comfortable. At last, the most important thing is that GLADIUS MINI is cheaper than its fellow products, and it has a lot of features at the same time, so it is such a cost-effective product.

Although it is very affordable, you don’t need to worry about the quality problems. We guarantee the quality and the product has received many excellent reviews, we are confident about that diving enthusiasts all love our GLADIUS MINI!

GLADIUS MINI is a perfect diving partner, it can be available for diving shoot, the yacht entertainment, scientific discovery and inspection of multiple industries, it meets the requirements of multiple professional scenarios. So if you are considering to buy a ROV from our CHASING company and wondering which one to choose, I think this kind is an excellent choice.

Just go diving with this cost-effective ROV!