Chasing Affiliate Advantages

  • Our products are easy to use and reliable

    Chasing produces products that are so easy to use. Our technology is far ahead of our competitors. Each CHASING product goes thru rigorous tests before being derived to ensure quality.

  • CHASING'S affiliate program is free to join

    We offer the highest commissions in the industry at 10%. The affiliate program takes a matter of minutes to sign up.

  • 30 Day commission terms

    Every affiliate receives commission for orders placed with your unique affiliate link. Once the customer has received their order, there is a seven day return period, once this period is past with no returns, you may request to receive your commission. Commissions are paid within 30 days after your request for payout.

  • Real time feedback on your affiliate dashboard

    Seven days after your customer receives their product you may request to receive your commission payment. You can also check your payment status at any time.


  • What is Chasing alliance?

    CHASING alliance is the affiliate marketing program for CHASING. Users can promote CHASING’s products by sharing unique affiliate links to earn commissions from any sales generated with their links.

  • How do you make money through the CHASING Affiliate Program?

    You can obtain promotion links that you can share on websites, social media, or through email. After someone uses your link to place an order successfully, you will earn a 10% commission for the amount of each order.

  • How do I withdraw money? How long is the withdrawal time to my account?

    As long as the customer does not apply for a return within 7 days of receiving the product, the system will automatically settle the commission after 7 days. Users of the affiliate program can withdraw commissions by “affiliate account” - “application for withdrawal”. After withdrawal, CHASING finance will arrange a timely payment to you.

  • How much money can I make through Chasing Affiliate Program?

    On average, our affiliate members earn $50~$150 per order they bring in.