Share your affiliate link with friends and family with just one click and earn commissions on CHASING products you help sell.

Chasing Affiliate Advantages
  • Our products are easy to use and reliable

    Chasing produces products that are so easy to use. Our technology is far ahead of our competitors. Each CHASING product goes thru rigorous tests before being derived to ensure quality.
  • CHASING'S affiliate program is free to join

    We offer a higher commissions in the industry at 5%-8%. The affiliate program takes a matter of minutes to sign up.
  • 30-day cookie retention

    After someone clicks on your affiliate link, this cookie will be stored for 30 days. As long as he/she places an order within these 30 days, you will get a commission.
  • Real time feedback on your affiliate dashboard

    Seven days after your customer receives their product you may request to receive your commission payment. You can also check your payment status at any time.
  • 15 Day commission terms

    Every affiliate receives commission for orders placed with your unique affiliate link. Once the customer has received their order, there is a seven day return period, once this period is past with no returns, you may request to receive your commission. Commissions are paid within 15 days after your request for payout.
Earn Commissions in 3 Steps
  • Step 1

    You only need to create a Chasing account to start promoting. You do not even need a personal website.
  • Step 2

    Put your affiliate link on your website or share it with others. We offer you many ways to promote, including product links, social media sharing and email.
  • Step 3

    You will earn 5%~8% commission if someone clicks your affiliate link you shared and makes a purchase within 30 days.