Event Duration
Start timeDeadlineEvaluationResult
1st Dec. 202031st May. 20211st Jun. 20217th Jun. 2021
Applied ScenariosInfrastructure inspection, aquaculture, maritime patrol, emergency rescue, environmental protection, scientific investigation,etc.
First Prize(1 Case)
US $2000 coupon on CHASING.com*1Honor certificate*1Customized-prize*1
Second Prize(2 Case)
US $1500 coupon on CHASING.com*1Honor certificate*1Customized-prize*1
Third Prize(3 Case)
US $1000 coupon on CHASING.com*1Honor certificate*1Customized-prize*1
In Addition1.One verified case=One US $200 coupon on CHASING.com*1, which can be superimposed buying all CHASING products.2. During the campaign, CHASING will edit videos for qualified case with the providers’ names, which will be displayed on CHASING Official UGC Areas and other social media accounts.
Participation ApproachSend Relevant videos, photos and Case Illustration on CHASING M2 to CHASING Official UGC Mailbox contentmarketing@chasing-innovation.com
Videos MUST contain at least a frame taken by M2 and a frame of CHASING M2 itself.If the files are larger than 50M, please upload the files on cloud storage and attach the link.
Edited materials and raw materials are all accepted, and CHASING will reorganize the raw materials.
Download Cases Illustration on CHASING M2 below, and fill the blank completely.
1. Videos2. Pictures3. Case Illustration
CHASING OfficialUGC Mailbox
Case Illustration
Attentions1. No upper limitation for number of cases provided by the same participator.2. We respect and maintain the copyright of original works. All channels of content exposure will be tagged with the photographer’s ID. Once cases submitted, participants irreversibly authorize CHASING-INNOVATION to possess non-exclusive, unpaid, authorised and transferable worldwide license to all materials involved in the submitted cases. CHASING-INNOVATION can copy, edit, publish, display, disseminate, produce derivatives and copy, edit, publish, display, disseminate derivative works for both operational and non-operational purpose.3. Participants shall guarantee the authenticity of all the information submitted; If false information is submitted, CHASING-INNOVATION reserve the right to disqualify its participation and award at any time.4. If the case involved in the intellectual property of the third party(e.g.trademark, copyright, business logo, etc.) and other legitimate rights and interests( e.g. image rights, right of name,etc.), the participants shall obtain the third party’s full authorization including commercial use, guaranteeing CHASING-INNOVATION may exercise the corresponding rights. If the case infringes on a third party, the participant shall be solely responsible for the settlement and shall be solely liable for the infringement.